About the Artist:

Pepa G Art

​Pepa González Ramos (Segovia, Spain) graduated university with a degree in Law then spent several years working in a variety of industries.  She has always been creating art, learning new techniques and how to work with different mediums.  Although she is mostly self-taught, she studied at the art school “Atrium Peña” in Madrid.  She has lived in Segovia, Madrid, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, and New York, all of which have influenced her vision and form.  She has painted since she was young, but it wasn’t till recently that she began to participate in Art Fairs in the US and to market her work through a fun line of magnets and prints.  She is currently living between Madrid and New York.  



Her series of cities are compositions made up of representative buildings and icons all put together from her unique perspective. “My technique is the result of combining oil paint with small paper cutouts that I find to incorporate into the painting. My palette is made up of bright and cheerful colors.  Sometimes I’m asked if my art is done digitally to which I reply: ‘No, my art is done the traditional way, with oil paint, a brush and …. lots of love’. I hope this painting brings you as much happiness as it brought me while creating it.”

Professional Highlights:

2023 (January) - Featured Artist 2nd Series, LinkNYC Kiosks: New York City (USA)

2022 (November/December)  - Exhibitor, Union Square Holiday Market: New York City (USA)

2022 (March & July) - Featured Artist, LinkNYC Kiosks: New York City (USA)

2021 (October) - Exhibitor Bruce Museum Arts Festival: Greenwich, CT (USA)

2019   Academia Artium Peña, Madrid 2019 (SP)
2017  (October)- Exhibitor Bruce Museum Arts Festival:  Greenwich, CT (USA)

2016  (October)-Exhibitor Bruce Museum Arts Festival:  Greenwich, CT (USA)

2014 – 2016  Javier Poveda, Studio:  Madrid (SP)

1996 – 2006 PepaG Ceramics:  San Francisco, New York (USA)