Pepa G Art

​​Global Influences:

After more than a decade in the United States she moved back to Spain. While working with a variety of artist at the local Madrid academy she developed her painting  and collage skills including the style of mixed media works that she is currently producing.

“I have always painted in oils and have had a lot of fun creating collages using many sorts of images and everyday items. When I began to combine these techniques, I found my current style”. Pepa G. 
Pepa’s work today is mixed media using oil paints and paper. She is finding ways to make her art more accessible through new product replications.  Her goal is to create fun and fanciful pieces using a palette made up of bright and happy colors, because as Pepa would say “that’s how I would like the world to be”.​​

About the Artist:

Pepa Gonzalez Ramos was born in Segovia, Spain - a city filled with history, castles, classic art in a culture that has created some of the world finest artists. She has always loved to draw, paint and combine different medium into a variety of decorative pieces. 

​She has worked closely with many Spanish ceramic artisans to import ceramics to the United States.   Being able to meet with the artisans directly and learn their techniques led her to design her proprietary household ceramic lines using her unique imagery.  This laid the foundation from which she has grown to bring her to where she is today.​


Her Technique:

Pepa likes for her works to be visually engaging.  She has fun with her paintings combining normal things in her way to come up with a comic representation of the ordinary that, despite its uniqueness, is very easy on the soul.  

By using a combination of resources found in old books, magazines and other places Pepa brings texture, history and a revised sense of life to her paintings. Sometimes she'll cut the painting to extend over the matte and that, along with the bright colours, makes every painting an adventure of discovery to the viewer. 

Pepa is always experimenting with new techniques and different way to create her original pieces.  From laying tissue paper to creating Window Boxes her pieces continue to bring a new perspective to the ordinary life that touches us all.

Accessibility & Sustainability:

Pepa has always wanted her art to be accessible to as many people as possible so as to maintain her mission of 'bringing color to the world' and that is why she has decided to reproduce selected pieces in both Magnet and Print form.  While the magnets are not limited all the print series are limited number and signed by the artist.  If it gets more of her images into the homes she's happy.

Pepa is always working with the best local producers and believes in producing the product where it's to be sole: US product is made by US businesses while all product is Europe is made by European businesses.

All and all, Pepa has been able to create quite a collection that is currently being spread all around the world and she hopes to get into many more.

Professional Highlights:

2022 (March) - Featured Artist, LinkNYC Kiosks: New York City (USA)

2021 (October) - Exhibitor Bruce Museum Arts Festival: Greenwich, CT (USA)

2019   Academia Artium Peña, Madrid 2019 (SP)
2017  (October)- Exhibitor Bruce Museum Arts Festival:  Greenwich, CT (USA)

2016  (October)-Exhibitor Bruce Museum Arts Festival:  Greenwich, CT (USA)

2014 – 2016  Javier Poveda, Studio:  Madrid (SP)

1996 – 2006 PepaG Ceramics:  San Francisco, New York (USA)