Pepa Gonzalez Ramos  was born in Segovia, Spain a small castle town nestled in the hills and heart of Castilla-León.  Surrounded by centuries of classic artworks and exposed to the many modern artistic developments of Spanish artists she developed her love of art and her talent for expressing it.

Although she completed her study in law and her ability to work in that field she never stopped creating and expressing herself that way.  She has always loved to draw, paint and combine different medium into interesting pieces that she presented to many small restaurants and stores throughout Segovia. 

Her father was very much involved with the world of ceramic arts so she was also fortunate to have been able to meet many other artisans directly and learn their techniques in with making great pieces.  All this laid the foundation from which to grow and bring her to where she is today.


Pepa G Arts

Pepa always loved to travel and ended up marrying an American which had her move to San Francisco.  She has also traveled to over 45 countries throughout the world, always collecting samples of local artworks and learning new methods to apply to her projects.  While in the US she turned her focus to home design by creating a line of ceramics that she brought from Spain to the US. It was at this time she also began to create beautiful collages using a multitude of media; learning how to mix media to create works that were used to decorate many homes amongst the lucky of her friends and family.

Not long ago Pepa returned to her love for painting and looked for ways to bring it together with all else began she had absorbed; thus began the creation on this latest collection.  She returned to classes to get additional training on the use of oils on paper with different artists in Madrid. 

Pepa has found her current way of expression is through the use of bright colors and using them to accentuate traditional themes and bring a lightness and happy feeling to the world around her.  Her mixing of classic oil painting with paper material, incorporating old images and words, brings together a mixed sense of surrealistic and pop lifestyle and perspective to her works.  Whether she places the old images up front and center or subtlety hides them within the work there is always something new to discover with each look.

Currently Pepa is living between Madrid and New York and continues to travel the world looking for new inspirations and materials to blend together in new and exciting pieces.  

Professional Highlights:

1996 – 2006 PepaG Ceramics:  San Francisco, New York (United States)
2014 – 2016  Javier Poveda, Studio:  Madrid (Spain)
2016  (October)-Exhibitor Bruce Museum Arts Festival:  Greenwich, CT (United States)